Creating roads that dial back upon derailment using custom goals?

I recently read mini-habits and the author brings up a very decent point about keeping things as easy and manageable as possible and then slowly scaling up as that becomes too easy.
So in the interest of habit formation I want be able to auto dial the road back at every derailment to keep things manageable and a way of sussing out what my actual limits. Scaling them up after a period of time of no derailments would also be nice. I think I struggle to admit when I can’t keep up with things and the akrasia horizon generally puts me off scaling back goals even though it would be in my interest.
I understand mercy days are sort of like this but I generally only do things when my deadline is on that day and too many mercy days feel like they shoot habit formation in the foot if there’s too many (especially for a daily goal).
To clarify
Say my daily rate of eating a piece of fruit is set to 3 pieces/ day, I derail because the goal seems like too much. I would like for the road to auto dial down to 2/pieces/ day and then after X amount of time of 2/pieces a day I would like for the road to dial itself up back to 3, another successful X amount of time and the goal scales to 4 till it hits a set limit.
I’m most strongly interested in auto de-dialing but either way would it be possible to do any of this using custom goals? Any ideas for anything similar?

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This is a neat idea but would require so many settings and questions to pester you with when you set the goal up. It wouldn’t be possible for the road to know whether you needed to dial something back by 1, say with a goal of “Eat x pieces of fruit per day” or by 10, like with a goal of “Read 75 pages per day”, where reducing by 1 would be inconsequential.

If you poke around, I have an autodialer that I use on a few of my goals and the rate gets auto-set by how much I’ve actually been doing. ( Just do better ) It works in both directions, though. If you take a long break (or derail with some mercy days) it’ll dial down a bit (after the akrasia horizon) and if you do way better than you planned, it’ll dial upwards.

I have to admit that I haven’t looked at that post or the files related to it in a long time and so I can’t swear they still work as is but the one I’m using that was basically the same still does and I use it almost daily. If you’re interested, though, we could chat it out!

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