The sliding scale of mercy

I find that neither “no mercy recommit” nor the default week grace period work well for me.

The week grace period serves to reinforce bad habits and greatly increases the chances that I’ll just derail again. On the other hand, I’m basically not prepared to tick no mercy on do more goals because it’s just too harsh and typically if I’m going to derail deliberately I’m not going to be any more in the mood/ability to do it the next day.

So, I’d like to experiment to find out what grace period would work well for me. Unfortunately I can’t because these are the only two options. Any chance of a power user feature for making it configurable as a number?


I’d also like no mercy to really be no mercy so it is possible to derail on consecutive days. Currently even with no-mercy set you get an extra day’s grace.

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Hm. That had actually slipped my mind and I was assuming I would derail on consecutive days. I have used no-mercy recommit before but apparently I misremembered how it works.

So, given that, I’ll at least give turning no mercy on on this goal a try. Thanks. :slight_smile:

ETA: I still think a day is a bit harsher than I’d like to have, but it’s long enough that it removes my most principled objection to trying it so I’ll give it a go and see what happens.


I also had a psychological barrier to overcome when I first started using no mercy. To overcome my reluctance to do what I thought would be best for me in the typical case, I used the magic of the fine print:

No Mercy get-out clause: I can contact support to get my week of flatness or otherwise adjust my road immediately following a derailment.

So if I happen do derail because it’s a hellish week that’s unlikely to let up, I can email support and ask for my road to be changed to something sustainably sane, straight away. I think I’ve done this perhaps twice since embarking on my merciless experiment a year or so ago.

And as @insti points out, no mercy isn’t as harsh as it sounds. Though I think that the edgy parameter makes it more so (or less so; the documentation is unclear and I’ve never tried it).