Custom safety buffer for new goal?

I’d like to mirror a goal from somewhere else.

It should have a goal value of 104 at 12/31/2015, and it should have a goal value today of 64, with a current value of 70–i.e. I currently am +4 on the goal.

Is there any way to set this up as a new goal?

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I don’t think you can do it via the website.
But you can do it via the API, or by emailing support.

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Easy enough (for support) to set this in motion for you. The headaches will come later on.

If you ever take breaks or retroratchet, make sure to make parallel changes on both accounts. If you’ve got autoratchet enabled, life will be hard without rigging something via the api.

If you’re doing this because we don’t (yet) support multiple gmail accounts on a single Beeminder account, shout loudly. Related thread: breaking changes in gmailzero

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Nah, this is for “books read per calendar year”, which I have tracked in a list for years, and then tried goodreads this year (and last?). It’s not the “best” metric, but I like it. It means I spend a lot of December reading, which is wonderful. I don’t necessarily need motivation to do it, which is why I’m not even certain I’ll keep it on Beeminder. This is also the reason why I don’t just want to start at zero.

Not a big deal–I’ll email support about this after they fix my self inflicted Beeminder problems (note to self, don’t play with custom goal settings after midnight.)


Did you know that you can import your old data?

Import: You can paste historical data into the Advanced Entry form using a format like this:
2014 06 28 123 "optional comment"
You can also email your data to the bot…

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So actually, I think I can do this myself–a “do more” goal, with some low
rate, start at zero–enter in my current data, and retroratchet to an
appropriate safety buffer.

Adam Wolf