Dashboard view leaks


This goes on until it takes up the whole memory and the OS freezes.


Seriously, I still can’t access the dashboard from Chrome (it hangs midload and strarts leaking mad). I tried deleting all extensions, reloading the page w/o cache and all other textbook remedies. I works in Chromium and Firefox though.

Could you try in Chrome in Incognito mode? I use Chrome and leave my dashboard up all day long and do not see this issue.

Seems I forgot about the Incognito mode, thanks. Indeed it’s working in Incognito, however clearing all of the site data didn’t help me. Seems like it freezes on some request. Looking further into it.

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If it works fine on your account in Incognito, but not on your regular profile, the only two things I can think of right away are cache/site data and extensions. Maybe double check your extensions? I think you can disable them without uninstalling them, to test.


I’m not sure about extensions, but somehow installing another instance of Chrome (beta) and purging the old one fixed things for me. I’m sure full reinstall would help too. I have the same extensions now (they were synced) but the issue doesn’t occur anymore. Seems like something Chrome-specific, I encountered a couple of similar bugs in Google groups while researching this. Thanks for assistance.