Datapoints entered after midnight don't count towards correct day for certain deadlines

I have some goals with a deadline at 00:50 am. Whenever I enter a datapoint between midnight and this deadline, the datapoint will already be counted toward the next day (technically the current day, but the next day from the point of view of this goal - hard to explain but I hope you know what I mean). Therefore, I always have to dial the date of last-minute datapoints back by one day manually (otherwise I would derail unjustifiedly). I have not seen this happening with goals where the deadline is 3 am or 4 pm or any other time, so I am guessing it has something to do with the fact that the deadline is between midnight and 1 am.


Eek, this would be a bad bug! I don’t think this happens universally (and will be super embarrassed if so) so I think emailing support would make sense for this so we can investigate what’s up with your specific goal there.

Thanks so much for reporting the bug! (That’s good for stickers if you’d like them; just DM me a postal address!)