Beeminder confused about what day it is?

If I’m not mistaken (I may well be…), today is the 16th of January. But four out of four goals I spot-checked have data-entry web forms that show “today” as the 15th, like so:

Data points entered this way do indeed show up as entered on the 15th, so it’s not just the form label affected.

The iOS app appears unaffected.


Whatever caused this, it must’ve been transient. I’m not seeing the issue any longer.

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Do these goals have deadlines other than midnight? That makes the concept of “today” a bit fuzzier from the goal’s perspective. I’ve seen some weirdness surrounding this too, though.


Interesting… Yes, all of my goals have deadlines of 2am.

I’ve seen the same behavior today, so I think this does qualify as a bug.

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And are you only seeing this after midnight? Between midnight and your 2am deadline, it’s still ‘today’ as far as your goal is concerned.

From that perspective, it’s the iOS app that is buggy, since it pays attention to clock time more than it sometimes should.

Talking about dates is really difficult, because our experienced day is usually delimited by periods of sleep, regardless of when clock midnight happens to fall.

Lots of people set their goal deadlines to be in the middle of their usual sleep period. It used to default to 4am for that reason. That backfires if you’re prone to skating the edge of your roads and are also willing to stay up until 4am to get them done.

I have the opposite annoyance with things like step trackers that decide that my just-after-midnight walk home from the tube station counts as steps taken on what, to me, is still tomorrow.

Even the (pretty decent) LifeCycle tracking app gets this wrong, despite doing the right thing with sleep that starts before midnight.

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Hey @philip, actually I’ve been seeing this in the late morning and early afternoon.

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