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Deadlines can't be changed for Sleepasandroid, Rescuetime nor Draft

It seems that I am unable to change the deadlines for some of the “data automatically added” such as sleepasandroid, rescuetime and Draft but I am able to change deadlines for from the start page but can for IFTTT, Twitter or manual entry. Not sure about the others on the start goal screen as not got any goals using them at the moment


Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing that this seemed weird to you – it really helps to know when things are tripping folks up, so we can look into making them clearer in future. In this case, if I understand what you’re describing correctly it doesn’t sound like there’s a bug at issue here.

So, there are some integrations where you cannot change the deadline time, and that’s the intended behaviour on our side. The reason is that changing your deadline messes with the date that your graph thinks it is – e.g. if you change your deadline to 10pm, then Beeminder thinks it’s the next day after 10pm (instead of after midnight) on that date. If you change your deadline to 2am, the date doesn’t change until 2am. Obviously our integration partners don’t do the same thing, so you’d end up with data entered with the “wrong” date (from our point of view). With some, like IFTTT, the date problem doesn’t occur because of the way we handle those datapoints, so you can change your deadlines at will.

Does that explain what you’re seeing? Or is there something inconsistent happening?

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Yes that makes sense, just annoyance as I had been hoping to potentially use draft as a morning alarm almost but found way around that so thats OK.