Deleting text in Draft

It seems that if I delete text in Draft, the corresponding word count gets counted as written in Beeminder, is that the expected behavior?

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it is! words added + words deleted, per the fine® print on the creation page.

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On the plus side, this means that you get credit for editing.

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but if you cheat you get rewarded twice (for adding and deleting)?

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That’s not really a reward. Repeat after me: “Beeminder users don’t cheat”.

Not because we’re paragons of effectiveness and self-restraint—quite the opposite! Often deeply flawed, but with a dose of self-awareness and an ability to use tools to bolster our intentions.

Beeminder is the most powerful tool that I know of, and I don’t want to break it. @dreev calls it the ‘nuclear option’, to be used carefully and deliberately in pursuit of your goals.

If I’m ever even just tempted to lie to my graphs, then something extreme needs to be done!

  • archive the goal; [apparently it’s not actually important]( “what a valuable thing to learn!”)
  • add another goal that measures a [different aspect]( “productivity through triangulation!”) of the same real-world goal
  • change the slope [for a while]( “Take a Break tab below your graph”), either slackly or [steeply]( “30 day challenge, anyone?”)
  • adjust the pledge, [one way]( “downpledging takes a week”) or [the other]( “deliberately no-mercy derail, or sign up to Beemium”)
  • use another tool for this, and have a Beeminder goal to make sure you use that system!

My life would be much [poorer]( “literally and figuratively”) if I didn’t use Beeminder to help me get more of the important stuff done. I won’t risk making it powerless. Sure, you can defeat the system; it’s not that hard to find loopholes. Don’t do that to yourself.

(If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all the beeminding, there’s a blog post for that, and several forum posts.)


I recently went through a similar situation. I re-sell on eBay and have been beeminding my listing new items. I de-railed for the first time (at least the $5 time) and was really disappointed. I went on a flat spot because of a vacation and then when I got back, it was a really big struggle since I’ve also started a weight lifting program which eats into 3 days of my listing time. So, to fix all of this, I’ve added a new Zap feature to the auto data. It lets me get a point for anything that sells. I realized that I was taking time that I could be listing and spending it selling (which isn’t a bad thing) but that I couldn’t do both. So now I get a little more breathing room at random (nearly), won’t list as much, but I’m OK with that.