The State of Draft.

Dear Beeminder Team, it is impossible to set up an Draft account.
There is simple no way for a user to create an account.

Please get in Touch with the Draft Team, or consider removing the integration.
If it is not working, than it is misleading.

Thanks in Advance,
Michael Wesolek


Hi Michael! Thanks for mentioning that this tripped you up; it’s always super important for us to hear about this kind of frustration. Indeed, the Draft site isn’t allowing sign-up anymore. For now, the integration is working for members who already have a Draft account, so I don’t think we’ll withdraw it entirely, but we do need to have a think about how to make that clear for those who aren’t able to sign up, to avoid frustration.

I don’t know if we have any contact with the app creator, but definitely digging into this and deciding what to do is on our radar!


Eek! I’ve been using Draft for a long time, this is such a bummer to see :frowning: Looking at it, the settings page isn’t even working. Guess I need to be on the look out for a new way to Beemind word count.

Edit: I sent two e-mails, a Twitter DM, and a LinkedIn connect to Nate. I’ll update if i get a response.


Thanks! Here’s hoping for good news.

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Dumb question: what was draft providing above using UrlMinder?

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It’s a slick and pretty web-based editor with nice collaboration features and that does version control nicely in a normal-person-friendly way. And it has an interesting metric for beeminding: words added plus words deleted. So you’re not just incentivized to endlessly braindump. You’re also incentivized to pare that braindumping down into something publishable.


Well, it’s finally happening. The site is being shut down at the end of the year. :confused:

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Thanks for pointing this out! Sad news, but it’s useful to hear something concrete.