Derailing weight loss goals more around holidays?

I think it would be nice (in a sad non-lonley way) to know if others have derailed with weight loss around major holidays. Went overboard this past weekend with travel and a wedding. Just couldn’t get it together by the end of the day.

Weighed in today and I’m right back on track where I could have been, but now I also have some skin in the game and which we all know a bit more honest.

Not sure if you guys are able to view dates of weight loss derailing and if they are close to major holidays or certain times of year. Would be cool to see though.


I’m pretty sure that eating and drinking more than usual is going to make anyone gain weight, not just you!

I usually schedule a flat section in the road around this kind of thing, or sometimes even an upwards section for thanksgiving


LOL, right? I know that the food was the issue. The hard part for me is that I have a weight goal by the beginning of June and I’m just not there yet. I definitely let my longish term goal suffer by being a moron. I think the worst part of me is that I would have been fine if I ate well the first day I came back to work, but instead, ate horribly. That’s what caused me to derail! I’ll be back on track tomorrow though.

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Be careful with absolute weight goals and absolute end dates! Every derail will make the remaining road steeper and less realistic. Particularly as the end date gets closer.

You may want to change the road dial to reflect an aggressive-but-achievable –1% of your current body mass per week.

Unless you’ve placed a side bet, keeping your weight moving in the right direction over time has more value than reaching a magic number by an arbitrary date.

For future searchers, here’s the link to @bee’s guide to beeminding weight loss.


Yeah, I knew what I was getting into and the funny part was that I’m still on the original road, just toward the top end. I read through that all before I got started. Basically, I had a 6 month window and wanted to lose ~1lb per week, nothing crazy (.5% of my body weight). I really should have done calories instead but I’m OK with this and how it’s working. I need a kick in the butt to hit my goals especially with a few more “party” weekends and international travel before my end goal date!

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Glad to hear that you’ve consciously selected those settings. As you’ve probably discovered, at the beginning of the window a derailment causes hardly any difference in the slope, but with only a few weeks to go the slope difference gets much more pronounced. Another way of combatting this is to enable no mercy recommits, so that there isn’t an entire week of flatness after every recommitment.

I’ve never wrapped my head around tracking net calories. I understand the math but not the method. Most of what goes in my mouth is neither weighed nor packaged. How do people estimate input calories without becoming obsessive micro-measurers?

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Exactly. Successful weight loss (and budgeting) optimization really does require you to manage everything you eat (or spend). I feel better all around when I plan and then execute instead of just going overboard.

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This is why I don’t care about these numbers either, but I may eventually - check this out:

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It’s all about priorities. I want to lose weight by X and then most likely maintain from there. If I don’t track my calories and macros then I’ll lose the weight and lose muscle or I’ll yoyo too far out of my comfort zone.

Just like everything else you choose to track here, it most likely requires work. Sometimes, automatic isn’t better. Mint always sucked for me but YNAB has made a huge difference. I’m just trying to get weightloss to work better for me.

I guess we’re on a tangent too. I was hoping that we could see some data about timing of derailing. I’m not sure how the bee hive gets to use our data, but would be neat to overlay derailing of weight goals with a calendar to see if they correlate with any major holidays.