did the layout just completely change or

is it me or did just the layout completely change? is there a way to get the old layout back?

You guys completely removed the number of days left from the new layout! I hope it is not an attempt to make it easier for people to derail to that you can get more $$$.

Please bring back the number of days left. The due day is useless for goal tracking, because I am not a calendar, I do NOT calculate the number of days left automatically.

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yup! great big effort, you can read about some of the biggest changes here.

if you click on the due day, it should switch to showing you the number of days left, and stay that way until you click it again. does that work for you?

it’s definitely not easy to discover that feature though, which is something we’re still figuring out how to improve without cluttering up our nice pretty new dashboard. ideas are very welcome!

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That does change, but that is not acceptable comparing to the old layout and to the beeminder Android app.

The number of days/hour left should be the most vital information to the user, and not buried inside line of text which the user has to click for every single one of their goals show it.

The number of time/hours should conspicuous displayed, I have no idea why such information couldn’t not be displayed inside the colour hexagon? Turn that hexagon into a square display the time left.

I really want to give you guys the benefit of the doubt, but I find it hard that this was not done intentionally to hide the most important information that helps users to avoid derailment.

Is there a way to get back to the dashboard? I can’t find a link. One of the more recent changes I had liked was that I could write all my data in one swoop.

FWIW, I can assure you there’s never been a company as fair and decently motivated as Beeminder. I’m a hardened cynic so it has taken me a few years to internalize that this is a company unlike most others, so I don’t blame you :slight_smile:

Worst case here is you get confused by the new UI, derail, and then email them saying the new UI confused you. You won’t be charged any money.


Ugh. Sorry, I figured out that I could hit the arrows. I wish they would remain maximized each time I return to the page. Hope this new design does what you’re hoping for and makes it easier for new people!

Thanks for the feedback @Benjamin! That actually makes a lot of sense, so the goal and dashboard now default to showing the countdown format rather than the calendar format. Hopefully that clears up any doubts about our intentions :slight_smile:

You can still click the text to toggle between the two, and it should remember which one you’ve toggled to.

And @jeanneerin - right now it only remembers whether you’ve toggled the expand/collapse all arrow at the top, but it will soon remember which individual goals are open. A couple people have mentioned that would be useful. And I’m still trying to think of a way to have the data entry show up even in the collapsed mode, there’s just not a ton of room to work with but I’ll keep trying different ideas, since I really did like that aspect too. Thanks for speaking up!

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You can click your username, or your name next to your avatar, or even usually the back button. That’s valuable for us to know, though, that those small links weren’t so obvious!

Did you notice you can click the black hexagon (er, well, if you’re on Firefox those don’t show up as hexagons – we’re working on that!) to expand all of them.?

We talked about that a fair bit. I’m personally a big fan of the live countdown but some people find it distracting and less confusing to just see the time of day / date. Having it toggle felt like the best of both worlds but you may have just convinced us that it should default to the countdown version.

Thanks so much for the feedback! And especially thanks to @drtall for the kind words!

:slight_smile: By back to the dashboard, I meant back to the last design, where everything was smaller.

I didn’t see the “expand all” button. Happier.

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Oh, ha, I see, we have a secret temporary link to the old design when needed for comparison but it won’t be supported long. Contact me privately if you need it?