Testing a mobile-friendly Beeminder

As the daily email people know, beeta.beeminder.com is now showing a “responsive,” aka mobile-friendly, version of Beeminder. It’s still got some rough edges and some regressions from the production version, and some things that could be even more mobile-friendly.

While we work on finding bugs/design issues, please go kick the tires on it and use this thread to report anything you find that would make you upset if you suddenly had to use this version! I’d like the desktop version to look as close as possible to the current site (apart from the fact that it should now also better use the space on large screens) so that’s probably the first priority.

Show-stopping bugs (e.g. can’t update a setting, can’t add data) are 10 points. Egregious CSS/layout bugs (e.g. elements overlapping/hidden/without margins) are 5 points. Small CSS/layout bugs (e.g. slightly misaligned margins etc) are 1 point each.


The margins between the line type choices are too small here:

I think there should be more space between the elements here, too:

The same applies to the label and the text box of the Goal Description, the Goal Units and the Y-Axis Label.

The browser is Chromium 63.0.3239.84 on Ubuntu 16.04.


In MacOS Opera, at a certain width the arrows (sort, account) drop down a line. In Safari the sort arrow gets hidden if there’s not enough width.


At intermediate widths, the thumbnail graphs are sized out of proportion with the row, i.e. too small, both when expanded and collapsed.


When the window is wider it seems fine, and when narrower, it flips into a vertical stacked display.


The quick entry boxes are out of whack on my default width, in Opera & Safari. The day dropdown arrow is in an odd position, and the $0 pledge has wrapped into a confusing location.


Logo misaligned if admin, and long taglines wrap oddly.01


The popup information box for the statistics does not appear:


I realize this is totally an edge case and understand if it isn’t addressed, but I thought I’d share.

I’ve been using the (Chrome, OS X) browser goal page at 75% zoom because I have an old, low-res laptop, and I want to be able to see all my goals at once. Now when I lower the zoom, the graph images get small much slower than the text of the goal row.

As a comparison, I have to set my zoom to 50% to fit as much on the page as I used to get at 100%. And then it looks like this (and doesn’t even change size when collapsed/expanded)


Renaming a goal on the #settings tab doesn’t work.

Makes me wonder whether popups may be broken in general.


Advanced datapoint entry box doesn’t highlight in red when the format is invalid.


Starting a new goal with extra leeway doesn’t prompt for number of safe days.


Update - a lot of these are now fixed, including the leeway, goal name, and pledge wrapping (@philip) and the settings margins and tooltips (@atanasi). I’m currently seeing the red highlighting on the advanced entry when formatting is invalid, so this could be a browser discrepancy. Are you seeing it work on beeminder.com?


Interesting. On beeta, in Opera on macOS, it seems that the text field is highlighted in blue when it’s got focus, masking the red. Click away from the field, and the border is red! On beeminder.com the field isn’t highlighted, so the red shines through.

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Safari and Firefox both handle this reasonably :grin:

Yeah well, self-inflicted I guess. :slight_smile:

Safari is my main browser. Chrome I use for things that need to be segregated into profiles. Opera is my always-open dashboard, selected largely because it’s the browser that worked best for me 20 years ago…

While I’m listing bits of self-inflictedness; my office setup has a portrait-orientation screen, which is just narrow enough to catch a bunch of CSS weirdness, and websites that really don’t handle horizontal-constraints well.

Also, on account of working a lot in Paris, I’ve switched my computer and phone languages to French. That has interesting side-effects, including needing to re-learn Excel formulas - even the list separator is different!

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This is pretty minor but the goal description aka goalblurb is getting truncated earlier than before:


(It could be that the new truncation threshold is actually better, I just want to be super deliberate about such things in hopes that that helps us catch more serious things we haven’t encountered yet.)

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Another bug report, from having my browser window very tall and skinny on my fancy monitor:

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Various things not lining up after entering data on my dashboard on Safari (actually Fluid.app or something but I think Safari-equivalent):

Small bug report! (Side note: beeta is painfully slow. That’s because of the server it’s on, right?)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new dummy account from scratch
  2. Click Account Settings


To see my account settings.

What Happens

The Account Details tab is selected but the contents of the tab are blank. If I click to a new tab and click back, then it appears.

Bug: Buzzing infinibee doesn’t stay in its box: