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2013/12/8 akratics@googlegroups.com

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Jake Hofman jhofman@gmail.com Dec 07 12:52PM -0500

this looks like an interesting logging utility, from which some fun
beeminding goals could be set up:



Daniel Reeves dreeves@beeminder.com Dec 07 10:03AM -0800

Wow, that sounds amazing. The examples (with selfstats) are great.

Note that RescueTime covers an important subset of this, in a
no-nerdery-required package. And of course Beeminder has RescueTime

If anyone sets up any selfspy-based beeminding definitely let us know!

http://dreev.es – search://"Daniel Reeves"
Goal tracking + Commitment contracts == http://beeminder.com

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RescueTime seems easier to me but… Whats the difference?

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I agree with
Daniel Reeves.

I’ve found that I can handle many goals only when most of them are stuff I
set myself to do once a week, and if they are simple to do.

I use beeminder with trello(.com) and tinyhabits(.com), specially with
activities and habits I have really struggled with.

  • Hope this helps!

W: JanikMaC.com http://janikmac.com/
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