Discrete units for a goal

Is there a way to mark the units of what I’m beeminding as discrete?
I want to force myself to go swimming at least once a week. It doesn’t really matter to me how much swimming I get done - it’s hard to track, and the hard part for me is getting there. Currently beeminder tells me I need “0.15” by some time to not derail - which is not super useful to me in this situation.


Yes, there is an “integery” setting in the “terrifyingly advanced” section of the goal settings. It means that the data expected for the goal is integers, and it will remind you to visit the swimming pool “1” time by the same moment it suggests visiting “0.15” times now.
However, this is only available for “custom goals”, for which you need a premium plan. There is a long discussion going on on why this should not be like that, but so far this is what can be done in terms of settings.


Thanks. So far that’s the only feature I would like from the premium package, so $8 seems a little high, but its nice to now it’s possible.