Display of deltas for goals that measure hours

I like that when an hour value is added to a goal in decimal point form, the datapoint is displayed in HH:MM:SS format. Could that formatting be implemented for the delta values as well? It’s somewhat annoying when I see, for example, that I need to complete +0.44 hours to meet my goal for the day instead of 00:26:24. I’m on the verge of switching all my time tracking goals to minutes because it’s much easier to convert minutes to hours in my head than it is to convert decimal hours to hours and minutes.


I’m in the same boat, it’s really annoying converting fractions of hours. Unfortunately, switching to minutes isn’t really a good idea, because then you can’t use the the built in timer in the app (it only works for goals with a unit of “hours”). Since “hours” is already special-cased here, it probably makes sense to also format the time remaining specially as well.