RescueTime Request: "17'" instead of "0.28"

I have a couple RescueTime goals and get delta figures like “0.28” or “1.17”. It would much nicer to have some human-readable figures, e.g. the equivalent in hours and minutes
@dreev? :slight_smile:


Agreed. Good #XUVI idea for goals where we know the metric is time to display things in hours:minutes:seconds.


So… planned for 2015? :slight_smile:

Just noticed this on my RT goals and hunted down (there is no link on the site) the @beemuvi twitter account to confirm

@beemuvi Sep 25
For goals where we’re pretty sure it’s measuring time (goal units = “hours”) show the recent datapoints as HH:MM:SS not fractional hours

This is great, now all you have to do is implement this in the Bare Min. display to also be time-based :slight_smile: