Display precision not exposed in Beeminder's API? Doesn't seem tied to `integery`?

Heyo, I have two questions for you all :slight_smile:

Firstly, it doesn’t look like this here “Display precision” setting is actually exposed through the API:

At least, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere!

Secondly, the integery field, which I thought would be a subset of that (for a precision of 1) seems to actually be tied to the goal type; I seem to have a complete overlap between that and goal.type == "inboxer". Am I right on that?


Integery is older than “display precision”. It seems possible that integery is just one of the options of display precision, and should be aliased to display precision or something… but @dreev knows that part much better than I do!

I do know, however, that integery is not inherently tied to goal type. It should be settable via the API, as well as through custom settings on goals. It seems right that “inboxer” goals are created with integery, but I’m pretty sure it can be set (or unset) on all goals.

It does appear that the display precision is not exposed via the API.


Integery is outdated and was replaced with the display precision field. See:


I suspect that API page is just obsolete - did you check to see if a “precision” field is actually included in a goal object obtained through the API?

Integery has been totally replaced with precision, so I suspect that setting integery could actually cause some problems. :thinking:

I couldn’t find precision under that or any other name in the goal object.

It does seem like integery was also noted as obsolete in integery is gone, but not in the apidocs · Issue #16 · beeminder/apidocs · GitHub.