Do less tweeting goals?

Maybe I’m atypical in my usage, but the tweetminder goal is completely the opposite of what I want, in that my twitter account is a bad habit best used in moderation. :smile:

The default tweetminder set up doesn’t let me use a do less goal (I can convert it to custom, but then I have to remember all the knobs to twiddle to get the right behaviour), so I ended up setting up an IFTTT driven goal instead. This isn’t really a problem - the IFTTT integration works great for this - but I was wondering whether this was the common experience. Do people really want goals of tweeting more, or is it just intended as an integration point?


Yeah, we viewed Twitter (pre-IFTTT) as useful glue. Like you want to beemind some fitness app that can auto-tweet whenever you do a run? Just have it tweet to some Twitter account that you connect to Beeminder and voila.

But also I guess we did fail to consider your use case. I personally keep forgetting to use my Twitter account (@dreev) so I like Beeminder nudging me once a week or so to tweet something.

In any case, might be an easy UVI to add a Do Less option for Twitter… Let’s see if anyone else clicks the heart on your post!

Yes, I had a suspicion that the motivation for the feature might be the beeminder founders’ tweeting habits. :wink:

Personally, I found the IFTTT support possibly more useful given the degree of customisation possible. I don’t know that I’d encourage to spend time on this.

Incidentally, I had to google to find the twitter integration at all - it’s not linked in from the goal creation screen as far as I could see.

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All integrations are listed on this increasingly poorly named thread, including links to the goal-creation screens.

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