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Does a Do Less Daily goal take into account Weekends Off?

Hi there, I have a goal to work through ~150 accounts for work before 7/29/2021.

I recently turned on the Weekend’s Off function. I’m guessing that the commitment goal of 8 accounts per day does not take these scheduled breaks into account?


If it doesn’t, would this be a feature that Beeminder could implement in the future?

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I believe we take into account breaks that have been already scheduled, but not ones that haven’t yet been scheduled (so only the upcoming weekend, and any other breaks you might have added). Does that match up with what you’re seeing?

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Yes it does!

It would be swell if the daily rate auto-adjusted to still meet the deadline with the scheduled breaks. Honestly, if I hadn’t noticed this, I probably would have taken the “due today” as gospel.

Would these breaks not render the “due today” essentially useless since they’re not truly how much is due today? In fact, several more accounts should be worked each day than listed to account for the upcoming breaks.

Which I suppose is why Beeminder labels the Deltas for each coming day - so you can work ahead - but I guess if I have Weekend’s Off scheduled (and am paying for that, if I’m being blunt), then I feel like it should auto adjust and I shouldn’t have to “work ahead” (since I’m not truly working ahead).

TL;DR - I am lazy and want the due today to autoadjust

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I guess the problem is that the weekends off don’t exist to the graph until they’ve actually been scheduled – turning on weekends off tells us to automatically schedule those days off into the graph seven days ahead, but otherwise we don’t “know” they exist yet.

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Understood, and this is probably just a mentality/philosophy thing, but I would think that it’d be more accurate to calculate the “due today” excluding the scheduled breaks.

In fact, this seems like a pretty easy thing to implement for all Do Less goals with a due date for when breaks are scheduled. You would just exclude the days off from the calculation and see how it changes the total amount due.

In the end, to me, it just seems like it would make Do Less goals more dynamic and effective as project planning tools.

Maybe others and yourself disagree!