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Does Auto-Ratchet reduce numbers of Safety days when on a Flat spot?

I recently enabled autoratchet on several of my goals. However, a few of them are on a derailment break/flat line, and those did not get autoratcheted.

Does this mean that autoratchet ignores ratcheting any goals that are on a flatline?

For example, here’s this goal:

The Ratchet section indicates that it’s on a 4 day flat line, but I would have thought the Auto-ratchet would have reduced this to two days (I set it yesterday).

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Look at “respite” in the commitment tab, underneath the auto ratchet setting.

RESPITE - Post-derail respite (formerly “days of mercy”) is how much safety buffer you automatically get after derailing. How many days of buffer should we give you after you derail?

The default value of this, 7 days, can be changed in account settings, new goal defaults.

I see that so thanks for pointing it out.

I guess I’m just asking for confirmation that Auto-ratchet doesn’t lessen the flat line of post-derailment respite. This seems like an odd quirk that manual ratcheting can accomplish but auto-ratcheting can not; however, I understand why it happens this way - you don’t want to derail only to have your post-derailment respite taken away from you immediately

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It does make sense to me. Auto ratcheting is there to prevent too many buffer days, but derailment is a special case, so it requires a special setting, post derailment respite. If you want to override the post derailment respite, that requires a manual override.

Also, if you’re on a post derailment respite and you quickly log some extra buffer days on top of that, then even your first attempt at manual ratcheting will only allow you to ratchet down to your post derailment respite level. Beeminder will warn you and require a second manual ratcheting to override that.

Beeminder reminds me of a machine with a lot of levers and dials and gears going clickety clack. Everything ultimately makes sense, but it can be complicated!

To confirm: ratcheting ignores flat spots in the graph, because those are set by users (either via respite, because of weekends off, or as a break). :slight_smile: This is intentional and expected. Thanks for checking in about that, it’s useful to know you weren’t sure!