Does gmailzero respect weekends off?

My current email-zero goal is manual, but I’d like to convert it into an auto goal using gmailzero, but I want weekends off. How does gmailzero treat weekends off?

Alas! It doesn’t deal well with breaks at all, it just keeps on importing data and you derail if it’s above the road. We actually suggest at the moment that people switch to a different query that definitely won’t show any emails, when they need to take a break.

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Thanks for confirming that. :slight_smile: Are there any techniques other than restricting the query to unread email that wouldn’t show emails during breaks?

The only thing I can think of is to set up “breaks” in advance for your weekends where it allows a truly ludicrous amount of email (and then drops back down to the normal requirement afterwards). I’m not sure how easy that is to do, though – I could fairly easily do it for myself because I regularly use the non-visual road editor, but I’d have to have a good think about how first!

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