Does the Akrasia horizon currently look wrong to anyone else?

I originally posted this to the Discord - does the Akrasia horizon change (changing it to be a day off) look wrong to anyone else, even if it is technically more correct?

Here’s what it looks like currently with a change made today to the rate.

This blog post is what it looked like before the change was pushed, change referenced in link below.

Personally, it’s driving me a little nuts :joy: :pleading_face:


This might be related. See my last comment as well. Suggestion: Better graphing of bright red line as the final threshold?

tldr: Things may look off because “the real bright red line” (i.e., the one you don’t want to cross) could be more accurately thought of as a stair step instead of a straight line.

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That would be interesting as a toggle. However, on the main point I think if we were to keep the current straight line instead of stair step, the previous implementation of the horizon just looks more correct when centered at the point of inflection.

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