Visual Road Editor does not care about akrasia horizon (but it does)

That pretty much sums up the bug I think.

I discovered that when I followed shanaqui’s advice to use custom goals to create a whittle down trello goal. After I did that I fired up the visual road editor to move the change of rate from + to - further ahead in time.
Which totally worked. As in: It did not care at all about the akrasia horizon.

In contrast the old textual one does care about the akrasia horizon.

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To elaborate more on this: After changing my trello goal to custom, changing the rate etc. I had the road look like I wanted to, except the change I wanted to see was of course 1 week away.
In the visual editor I clicked one the point at which this change would occur and deleted it. I then adjusted the rate of the remaining 1 segment of road to match the rate I wanted.
This effectively circumvented the akrasia horizon.

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Thanks for the possible bug report! Though when I try to reproduce this, I get:


Are you sure you weren’t making the goal harder within the akrasia horizon? Cuz that’s meant to be allowed.

Here’s a screen cap of what exactly I did:

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That’s confusing and I probably need to watch it again but the first thing I notice is that there’s no akrasia horizon violation, not technically anyway. Ie, the new road doesn’t intersect the pink region of the graph.

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Indeed, I didn’t know it tries to be smart about it and only cry if you make it easier. Especially because the regular road adjustment is not as smart and will only affect your road one week down the… road. No matter if you make it easier or harder.


Yeah, the road editor is amazing and @saranli is a genius. :grinning: