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e-Ink Beeminder Dashboard

so are you planning to design your own layout using data from the API? or something else?

I ask bc i’m thinking about doing something similar but with a smaller screen, since i’m a broke college student and i can’t drop $50 on this


Nice! Then I shall bother you in case I get stuck.


I hear ya! Then I will also test it with a smaller screen size and make sure it looks decent :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s so sweet, thanks!!

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Nice project!

If I had something like this I think all I’d want it to display is how much I’m on the hook for if I do nothing for the rest of the day.


Oh hey, set up a Beeminder goal for working on this, promise to share (like instructions + pictures + code) whatever you build, and tell us your snail mail address, and we’ll make hardware magically appear for you! <3


Meanwhile I also created a goal for this. It’s set at 1hr/week right now because it’s finals time. Once those are done I will give it more bite.

As mentioned above I also ordered a Pi Zero W and a tiny version of the display (this time in red to mix things up a bit) so I can also explore that option. Eventually I’m gonna use the small display and pi for some little dashboard for my parents and their little business I think.

Those have arrived this week!


:open_mouth: wow i just saw this, i will absolutely take you up on that and share! here’s the goal, started with a low slope, I’m working on the site where i’ll put my documentation and i’ll post that when i have it up!


Woo-hoo! Now just need your snail mail address and a link to the hardware you need!


That’s so cute!! Love the little red display

maybe you could have the red one display the emergency day goals only?

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A friend of mine came across a very related project that popped up two days ago:


I had an idea about how to get your WiFi credentials into the dashboard that would not require you to actually install device drivers and an IDE and to program the chip. Turns out somebody else had the same idea and made it into a library:

This project is almost doing itself :slight_smile:

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Success! Queried the Beeminder API via https and got my json back :slight_smile:


nice!! i just spent literally the last week figuring out how to get my pi hooked up to the university wifi, then how to SSH into the pi on the wifi… and i started out trying to do this headless, which wasted SO much time. parts are here though, so hopefully this week i’ll be able to start getting some real stuff done!


And that’s precisely why I am avoiding the Pi so far. I found that WiFi on Linux is one of those things were many will say “for me it works great!” but somehow I was never one of them. And then you realise it’s only NetworkManager that works for them which requires X and I don’t want an X on something like this.
Big selling point of the Pi is that it runs Scala however.

In contrast I was mostly dealing with the memory limitations of the esp8266 I am using. Once I figured that those were the source of the crashes they were quickly resolved, though. WiFi setup worked out of the box. As did JSON.

Getting data from the Beeminder API is failing a lot of times though with the connection getting refused or running into timeouts.

I also thought of running a web server with a small REST API on it to which you can connect and refresh / configure the dashboard.

yeah, yikes. wpa_gui solved all of my problems (god bless my friend who helped me). the issue really laid with the WPA2 Enterprise set up and not the Pi, i’m writing a blog post about this atm and i’ll post it when i’m done

You mentioning WPA2 Enterprise gave me an idea! Do you have access to eduroam at your Uni campus? I do and if you do as well then it would make sense for me to test my setup with the network of my Uni. So far I only tried it with my home WiFi which works like a charm.

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yes I have eduroam at my university! the setup process is the same as for my university’s wifi. I appreciate you checking! :smiley:

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Tiny update is tiny: I fabricobbled an excellent example of derp. I soldered the pins to the raspberry pi and was actually a bit proud because it was my neatest soldering job ever…

…until I realised I put them on wrong!

On all my micro controllers I put the pins facing down so they can be plugged into a breadboard. So out of habbit I did the same with the pi. Only that the e-ink hat needs them facing up! :man_facepalming: And it makes 0 sense to plug something with two rows of pins into a breadboard.

There is no way for me to unsolder them again so I came up with an inpromptu solution:

It looks horrendous but the pixies won’t care. :man_shrugging:


nice soldering! too bad about the orientation. I finally got my display a few days ago courtesy of beeminder, but I’ve been a bit lost as to how to get started with it, do you know where the manuals/documentation are?


I believe the Raspberry Pi section on the Waveshare Wiki and the product page for the coloured 7.5" e-paper hat might be of help! It seems that the red version ( B ) is programmed just like the yellow version ( C ).