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Nanoleaf panels for away-from-screen goal reminders

These Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons - Apple (CA)

look like the perfect things to set up to remind me when some of my goals are due. They connect through IFTTT and could be set up with different themes to let me know when my most urgent goal is due, due tomorrow, the next day, or etc. (probably through a bit of IFTTT hackery to get them just the way I want them, but still…).

My wallet disagrees for the time being but I thought I’d share them in case someone else finds them as charming as I do as a Beeminder reminder tool.


Could you (or anyone really) explain how they would be used for this purpose?

They change colours, so you could set one to go red when any goal is in beemergency, or have one/more change colours based on the buffer a particular goal has.

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Similarly, I have hue lights set up.

Specifically, I use them with my calendar a lot, as most of my goals are in the yellow/red, it’d stress me out permanently. That means I can use the light for a bit of conditioning when I’m supposed to relax for example :smiley:

I think the nanoleafs are a great idea for beeminder, as they don’t necessarily light the whole room.


Yeah I love the idea of just a little panel of colour that shows either that I have beemergencies or that all of my goals are in the yellow/blue/green.

I also use my hue lights for lighting; they’re not really in good places to act as visual notifications anymore, though. (I used to have them turn red briefly when I got zenoed.)