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e-Ink Beeminder Dashboard


Meanwhile I also created a goal for this. It’s set at 1hr/week right now because it’s finals time. Once those are done I will give it more bite.

As mentioned above I also ordered a Pi Zero W and a tiny version of the display (this time in red to mix things up a bit) so I can also explore that option. Eventually I’m gonna use the small display and pi for some little dashboard for my parents and their little business I think.

Those have arrived this week!


:open_mouth: wow i just saw this, i will absolutely take you up on that and share! here’s the goal, started with a low slope, I’m working on the site where i’ll put my documentation and i’ll post that when i have it up!


Woo-hoo! Now just need your snail mail address and a link to the hardware you need!


That’s so cute!! Love the little red display


maybe you could have the red one display the emergency day goals only?



A friend of mine came across a very related project that popped up two days ago:


I had an idea about how to get your WiFi credentials into the dashboard that would not require you to actually install device drivers and an IDE and to program the chip. Turns out somebody else had the same idea and made it into a library:

This project is almost doing itself :slight_smile:


Success! Queried the Beeminder API via https and got my json back :slight_smile:


nice!! i just spent literally the last week figuring out how to get my pi hooked up to the university wifi, then how to SSH into the pi on the wifi… and i started out trying to do this headless, which wasted SO much time. parts are here though, so hopefully this week i’ll be able to start getting some real stuff done!