Email Goal and Time Shift

Hey, guys. I have 2 questions. The first is: I just set up a goal for getting my inbox down to 0 and keeping it there, but my inbox is currently at 32…and the goal has recorded 10765 as its first datapoint? Does anyone know why this is and how to fix it?

Second question: is there a way to shift your time-out time without changing your time zone settings? I ask because I’ve been going to bed pretty late recently and I’m often distracted until about 12:05 and then look at the clock and look at my notifications and say “oh crap, I forgot to enter ALL the data” resulting in a bunch of accidental derailments (which the beeminder folks have been super nice about–thank you!). I mean, the obvious solution is for me to get better at entering my data, or set an alarm or something…but I thought I’d ask.

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Hey V. You can set different deadlines for each of your goals, or set them all to the same after-midnight time. (Mostly true, but there are some autodata sources that strictly use calendar days.)

If you click on your smiling face in the upper right corner of the website, the per-goal settings are under reminders and the defaults are on one of the account settings tabs.

I have no idea what your inbox goal might have been trying to do. If you email we’ll take a look beehind the scenes…

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