Extra $0.01 in Honey Money balance

This is not a big deal obviously but just in case it signals something unexpected for you guys:

Perhaps the extra cent in my balance is interest (rounded) in which case, may I suggest adding an explicit line in the table for that? To avoid lots of emails to support and/or forum reports of wonky balances :). Alternatively, a sentence above/below the table that says “you may see minor rounding differences, these are expected and not an error” oslt.


I can confirm from looking at my own Honey Money report that it’s interest. Agree that it’d be better to see that on its own line.

This might also be a good place to repeat my complaint that putting a variable-length field right next to my smiling face has broken the muscle-memory of clicking on my username to refresh my dashboard.

Also, it looks as though the table is sorted backwards. Recent items should be at the top, just as they are with the payment history.


I know that you know that, Philip, but for others who are annoyed by this and might not be aware: you can fix it easily with the browser add-on uBlock Origin.