Feature request: Default values available in other currencies

I was thinking about this the other day. Based in the UK.

Dollars don’t really make it as real as it could be for me, it’s the equivalent of pledging simoleons, even more so as the default amount can fluctuate month on month due to currency changes.

So looking at YNAB in July a $10 default was £7.94, in December it was £8.17, and I find this out days after the event when the charge shows up.

Is there a work around or fix?

Based in €-land here. This never has been a problem for me since the EUR/USD rate does not really fluctuate that much and I only ever thought in terms of USD, never how much a derail would be in Euro. Is 7.94 GBP really any different from 8.17 GBP for you?

Of course that could be different for a currency that fluctuates 50 % or more in a given year. I guess it would be technically easy to implement other currencies but might have bad implications for Beeminder’s business:

  • Legal/tax implications when pulling in any other currency than USD.
  • Beeminder would probably want their default “fee” structure to be predictable for their business’ sake. So they would aim to make the foreign currency amounts similar to the USD values: e.g. (5, 10, 30, 90, 270) USD would probably be just the same in GBP (maybe (5, 10, 20, 80, 200), although that destroys that nice series). Now the currency risk is on Beeminder’s site unless they regularly adjust the foreign currency values. Which they can’t do because users sign up for specific tiers.
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