Feature Idea: Habbit building Reminders

I have a number of goals that require daily attention but I allow myself to slowly build a safety buffer. I make it so the goals require 6 things per 7 day week for instance. However a lot of times once in the safety buffer I forget to do the things – simply because I don’t have a nagging “+1 due on $goal until 00:00”.

I would want Beeminder to give me a notification a la “Why not do $goal today? You got until 00:00 to further your safety buffer”. No, lead days don’t do it for me. They just clutter my notifications and make me ignore all of them eventually.

Since this is potentially something that will lead to maybe fewer derailments (I doubt it though. Mostly it will lead to more awesomeness and reduced stress and more habbit building) I could see this being put in a premium tier.

This would make sense given that Weekends-Off is also a premium feature and that’s kind of necessary for this to work in a meaningful way.

What I am suggesting is that if the user +1ed a goal every day for the past, say 4 days, Beeminder should at the time they usually do their +1 give them a notification like the above.

(Of course the 4 days are not set in stone and I guess the whole thing should be optional and whatnot but you get the idea)