Not getting reminders?


I am new to Beeminder, and was getting reminders for the first couple of days, but they’ve stopped. I checked my spam and they aren’t there. Any ideas?


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Thanks for the possible bug report! It’s actually expected that Beeminder will only remind you if you’re close to derailing. Above your graph it says how many safe days you have left and in your reminder settings you can set the number of “lead days”. If that’s greater than your number of safe days then you’ll get reminders.

Does that explain the beehavior? (It’s very valuable for us to hear that this was confusing even if not technically a bug!)

OK, thanks for the explanation! I think that is a bit confusing, at least it was to me. I would like to be able to set a reminder that would come every day, so I am reminded to weigh myself and track the weight every day.

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Weight goals are geared toward reminding you when your weight is in danger of going over the road, rather than reminding you to weigh in, because weight is what’s plotted on the graph. (This sounds like an imperfect situation as I write it, but it’s how things are…)

That might make an excellent second goal, a ‘do more’ goal to remind you to weigh in daily. But only if you really need a goal to build that habit.

For myself, I’ve used habit-chaining to make sure that I weigh in every day. Whatever morning routine you’ve got, try adding a step. e.g. “first I brush my teeth, then I stand on the scale, then I …” or whatever sequence works for you.

No morning routine? Try “first I roll out of bed, then I stand on the scale, then …”

If it’s in your own exclusive living space, you can even move the scale to somewhere that makes it as easy as possible…