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Feature idea - make bulk road dialling easier

For the last six months I’ve been doing a quick weekly review of my beeminder goals, scheduling breaks and dialling the road according to how things were going. This has helped me get a lot more out of beeminding (and I’d recommend a ‘review’ goal to anyone who doesn’t have something similar already).

But it’s a bit of a pain going onto each of my goal pages, looking at the weekly rate, and deciding whether it’s at the best level (especially from my phone)! Ultimately these trivial inconveniences add up, with the result that I stick with the ‘default’ status quo rate much more often than I should. This means I’m too slow to challenge myself where I could commit to more, and I’m also too slow to dial things back when the rate is too steep.

I like the new(ish) breaks page, where I can look at all my goals and set multiple breaks in quick succession. I would love to have something similar for road dials - it would make weekly reviews quicker and easier, but also more holistic because you could assess all your commitments at the same time.

Does this sound useful to other people, or do people have alternative ideas? (One thing I considered was having a couple of buttons for “make this goal 10% harder/easier”, but after more consideration I think I’d prefer a freetext option.)