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Feature request: Android app morning review


Deciding which Beeminder goal to complete next can be a little tough. Obviously you want to get your eep days out of the way and move vertically from there. I’d like to change that a tad. I would like the app to have three main tabs. The middle tab would act as normal (some sort of check mark would be applied to let you know if it was applied to another tab for the day).

We should be nice to ourselves, so you could then swipe any goal to the right and not get any notifications from that specific goal (meaning you intentionally not do the goal. Also it’d add a 0 datapoint with the comment like “legit derail. being nice to myself”). To the left would be the tab for goals you plan on doing that day. Once you have “sufficient” data entered into that goal, it will disappear for the rest of the day with no notifications.

At the end of the day (another arbitrary deadline feature?) all goals would be removed from the left tab. The goals to the right would be removed once they derail.

While this might not make the decision making process easier on which goal to work on, once you decide, you can then keep track.


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My gripe with notifications on the Android app is that there is one for each goal rather than stuff all goals into the same notification. With many goals in eep or panic, the notifications tend to exhaust the space for notifications in the notification bar.


I’d echo that gripe for our email reminders. Unless you intend to enter data via email, I find it unhelpful to receive individual emails. So I’ve turned them off altogether, which probably causes me to occasionally derail, but I think it’s worth the reduction in annoyance.


Agreed, although I have a habit of checking beeminder in the morning, so no accidental derails from me. Also I use googles social/promotion/etc filter so my phone only buzz when it is an important email - that feature has save me a ton of trouble.


I just have all my goals as widgets on my secondary home screen: