Feature request: custom textbox in reminder emails

I track my goals in several different ways. I used to turn all off all of the reminder emails because I use the Beeminder Android application. I didn’t really like the redundancy. However, one problem I used to have, and to some extent still do, is I couldn’t decide which goal to work on next.

The first priorities are obvious, knock out eep days, and anything that is near veering off the road. But then I have quite a few goals that I am doing quite well on. Before, most of these goals would just sit until they were already really near the road because I always felt like just completing what I felt I had to that day.

I still finish the eep days and such the same. The different now is I just go through all of my reminder emails, complete something and then archive it. The things is, I have so many different methods of tracking that I sometimes forget where it needs to be done (go the the Android app, use the Rescue Time offline tracker and more…).

I also sometimes forget the rules I have created. For example I have combined my brushing and flossing goal into one goal. .5=flossing and 1=brushing teeth. So usually I will enter 1.5 in the morning and 1 at night. But it is difficult to keep all these little differences straight.

So all this to say, I would like custom text boxes to enter whatever I want in addition to what the reminder emails already send. It could be some fine print that I need to keep in mind, which thing I use to track the Beeminder goal with and probably a lot more.


Could this be achieved with an option to include the goal statement / fine print text in the reminder email?


Yes, I believe that would be perfect.

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Should likely just be the goal statement, a complex fine print statement could take up too much space.

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