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Feature Request: Integery goals

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I currently have 39 goals, 21 could be integery (although I don’t have the setting turned on for most of them.)
2 are fractional and the other 16 are time based. (The handling of time based goals is a whole other subject.)


I think we’re in violent agreement. Thanks for taking the time to lucidly rant, @drtall

I didn’t mean to imply that anyone should sign up to premium for this, or that it’s right that integery currently only becomes visible for custom goals, etc. I apologise if it came across differently. It just happens to be exposed in the settings page for folks who are already premium and have made their goal custom.

In the same way that not all of the ‘advanced’ settings actually are that scary, not all of the custom options are equally dangerous, etc. That whole area needs a review and a rejig. The recent reminders revamp included a lot of cleaning up behind the scenes, iirc, in order to make such a review easier to do.

I think you’re right that integery is the expectation for a lot of goals. (About ⅔ of mine, as it happens.) Maybe not the default, but there’s an awful lot of folks counting discrete units, not datapoints on a continuous scale. It should be easier to state that expectation when starting a goal.

But ‘integery’ also needs to work better throughout. This forum thread prompted me to enable it on a bunch of my goals, and they still ask me to do things like read 2.5 emails before bedtime. All that stuff also needs to be addressed before we inflict it as a recommended setting to newbees.

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Oh no! If you feel like you owe me an apology then I owe you one. My post was meant to be of the form “Thanks for those facts, @philip, now let me complain about these facts.” as opposed to complaining at you. Sorry!


I figured that if my initial reply triggered a rant, I might have inadvertently stepped on something. I’d say I’m sorry, but I daren’t risk the universe collapsing into a singularity of mutual apologies. :smile:


I have ~35 goals. I have one goal that is obviously not integery–weight loss.

I have a variety of goals that are “time-based” (minutes spent doing whatever) Half are in minutes, half are in hours. I would prefer if they were all in minutes and yet were intelligent enough to report lots of minutes as “hours and minutes” or even “days and hours and minutes”. If that were the case, they would all be intergery (although, I suspect that a “timey-wimey” flag would be set instead of integery, if they worked as well with times as they do in my wildest dreams.)

For the non-weight-loss goal, and non-time-based-goals, all of them should be integery, but I am waiting to switch them over.


My stats: 25/39 active goals are integery. 14/39 are timey-wimey.


If I’ve done my maths right, that means between me, @insti, @adamwolf, and @byorgey we have 141 goals of which 4 are neither time/integery ?

EDIT: Updated stats since I created a new integery goal.


That seems right–but remember, we are almost certainly not “normal” users :smile:


Wouldn’t that make it more likely that the ~2% of odd goals is an over-representation and the “normal” users will have fewer? Making @drtall’s point even more applicable.


It should be possible for @dreev or @bee to run a query on the database and find how many goals have only ever had integer or time based datapoints entered and calculate the percentage.


Could be interesting! Although I bet it is just a lower bound since entering non-integer values into integery goals is a classic weaseling move.

Also, thanks disqus:

Sorry everybody. :open_mouth:


Very possible. I suspect the non-integeryness is a
conceptual/implementation artifact from starting with weight loss.


24 goals = 2 weight/fat goals (where I need one decimal instead of 2), 5 time-based (RescueTime, where I need hours/minutes instead of decimals), one with decimals (running KMs) and 16 others which are integery ones.


+1.1 to having goals where you’re not allowed to enter non-integer values. I deliberately allow myself to do this for my blog goal and it keeps the pressure up because I’m just putting in 0.1 until I launch the post. But I’ve found myself slipping into doing it for other goals where I’d rather just be forced to put in a 1 or nothing.


I personally don’t have a burning need for integery goals, but here are my goal stats.

Out of 21 active goals (I’m excluding 2 test/debug goals) I have:

 2 timey goals
18 integery goals
 1 non-timey, non-integery goal

The non-timey, non-integery goal has to do with weight regulation.

[Edit: I actually have 2 test goals.]

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I only have 7 goals right now: 3 timey-wimey, 4 integery. I particularly admire beeminder’s insistence that I receive 0.14 injections tomorrow!

(In general, I find beeminder totally inadequate to capture the “I must do this once a week, and I cannot do it later or earlier” use case, but that’s only partly due to integery nonsense; I still find the goal useful as a record of whether I’ve had my shot, even if I have to use other things as commitment devices.)

Since I’m uninterested in tracking weight, I can’t think of anything I’ve wanted to track that wasn’t either integery or timey. I am accustomed to the decimal wonkiness by now and just mentally round up, but it’s definitely not my ideal default.


Something just changed with regard to timey-wimey goals I think?

My goals which have time data entered via Tasker -> Android app are showing intelligent formatting:

Whereas values entered via the Android app timer manually are not:

(that last data point is via IFTTT but the rest are timerdroid)

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I think the intelligent time rendering was a UVI from a few weeks
ago–unless there’s something new.

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It only shows the datapoints as timey if the goal units (gunits) are set to “hours” – which they’re not for your cleaning goal.