Integery doesn't work on every goal?

Hi folks!

Some of the other meganerds convinced me to set most of my goals as integery, because they are.

There’s a few goals I set to integery, but still show decimals in the “amount you need to do for one more day’s buffer” section. I figured it might take a day or something to kick in, but some of these have been a week+.

(for example:,,,…)

Has anyone else seen this?


I think if you have too many safety buffer days it breaks.

Same thing with my goals. I think it only shows the actual bare min to get another day while you have a buffer < akrasia horizon. Otherwise, it just shows a day’s rate, with decimals. This is really annoying for me because I like to keep my goals well buffered and I have to take a look at the gallery every time I want to know how much I need to get another day. In the gallery view, everything is just as expected, including the integery parameter working