Browser extension : Displaying goals and input forms in a single line.

Hi, I’m Sachie. I started using Beeminder in April 2024. It’s amazing! I’ve created a browser extension for myself that customizes the Beeminder page, displaying goals and input forms in a single line. If you’re interested in using it, here’s the link. :balloon:



Welcome! :tada: And thank you so much for sharing this!

I found out recently that at least one long-term user never knew that you can click the hexagons on the left to expand goals on the dashboard and enter data there.

(I’m guessing you did notice that and the reason for your extension is to avoid the hassle of expanding and collapsing things all the time, but that would be especially :flushed: for us if you made this whole browser extension because you also had not realized that!)

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Thank you for your concern. I’m already familiar with that feature. I created it because I want to view a lot of data simultaneously. When I expand goals, I can only see 6 to 7 goals on my monitor (set at 100% scale, using Chrome on Windows), and half of my goals are automated. This means I have to scroll down every time to manually input data. Anyway, this setup is for my personal use.

By the way, I agree completely with your thoughts on browser extensions. Is there still a chance that you’ll open source your code? :thinking: