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Feature request - pay supporters

Is it possible to add a feature to allow me to pay (PayPal or venmo?) a supporter as well as Beeminder if I dont hit a specific goal?


ah, i love how you think! one way to do that would be to add supporters to the goal – New Feature: Supporters | Beeminder Blog – and then just make a handshake deal with them that if beeminder emails them that you derailed, you’ll be venmo’ing them $X in addition to what beeminder is charging you

PS: further discussion ensued offline in which @selmap mentioned that StickK has a feature like this (“although I much prefer beeminder”, they kindly added!). my reply:

<3 yeah, in general stickk’s referees feature is more thorough than beeminder’s supporters feature. with stickk you can also assign the referee to confirm if you met the goal.

so, yeah, totally reasonable feature request! (whether we’ll actually implement it is another question… at the moment we’re more focused on things like merging into beeminder-proper and a better “no-excuses mode” which i think you’ll like and … a million other things. we’d actually love to hear how it goes with doing it as handshake agreements with your supporters – that could give us a sense of how important it might be to have it more built in)