Feature request: prepaid pledges

In some (but not all) cases I think positive motivation would work better than negative. E.g. pay $30 when I create a goal, get it back when I succeed.

I’d be okay with getting this as Beeminder credit (that I could spend on premium plans or other goals, or maybe transfer to other users) rather than actual money (which would raise a lot of issues around fees, fraud, unusual use of refunds, etc.) It would be even better if I could earn it back gradually as I go longer and longer without derailing.

I think this could actually be better for Beeminder itself financially, since you would get the money up front and earn interest / be able to invest it immediately.

Personally I view it the other way. It seems to me that it is pretty easy to simulate this yourself using YNAB or whatever other budgeting system you use, and then you don’t add all this complexity to Beeminder.

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No, I’m talking about framing effects. It should also change the way Beeminder looks, but not the way it behaves. Help you think of it as “I get paid $5 for doing this” rather than “I have to pay $5 if I don’t do this”.

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