Feature request: Separate Duolingo goal per language (Implemented)

I’d like to be able to have a separate beeminder goal for each language I’m learning on Duolingo.

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I think I remember someone else has suggested this in the past but I couldn’t find a thread for it.

I have a separate Duolingo goal for German and Esperanto, and I don’t think I did anything hinky to get it set up.


The suggestion I’ve seen before is to have a single combined goal for overall Duolingo points! As @adamwolf says, after entering your u/n on this page you can select the language you want the goal to track…

ETA: Not a direct feature request, but this is the post I was thinking of.


Thanks @ianminds that’s the one I was (mis)remembering.

Thanks @adamwolf, I went to the front page and was able to set up a new Duolingo goal in addition to the one I already had.