I deleted my Duolingo goal and now Duolingo won't load

And when I try to create a new Duolingo goal it tells me I haven’t started practicing Spanish through Duolingo. Has anyone else had this happen?

Hmm. The Duolingo goals on Beeminder are pretty cool–they use a public part of everyone’s Duolingo account. This means Duolingo doesn’t even know Beeminder is watching it!

I wonder if you are using a different Duolingo account than before? That could explain the Beeminder message and Duolingo being empty…


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Nope, I’ve only ever had one Duolingo account. I don’t know why it would affect my Duolingo account if it can’t tell Beeminder is monitoring my progress, but it’s the only thing I’ve done differently relating to Duolingo lately.

When you say Duolingo won’t load, are you referring to the website duolingo.com or something else?

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I’m talking about the website. Where it’s supposed to show my progress, etc., it’s nothing but a blank gray page.

I call post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc on this one! :slight_smile: If it’s something on duolingo.com that’s misbehaving I will eat my hat if Beeminder is implicated. Like @adamwolf said, we’re just fetching your public stats from your profile, nothing more. Like my own Duolingo stats live at Duolingo which anyone can see and Beeminder just reads those stats same as you just did by clicking that link (nerd note: they also have a JSON version which is technically what we’re fetching but it’s a plain old GET request either way). See what I mean?

Did you recently install any content blockers or browser extensions that might be interfering with that page loading?

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Relatedly, does Duolingo load OK if you open the site in Incognito mode?

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I haven’t installed anything new or changed anything at all that I can think of, but yesterday it spontaneously went back to working again. Thanks for the suggestions, though.