Feature request: small pledges

Some goals I want to allow myself to derail on if it’s worth the $X. But X may be less than 5. If I use no-mercy recommit, derailing for $1 every 2 days could still be enough to motivate me.

You’d probably need to batch the payments to avoid losing all your money to credit card fees. This could go along with prepaid pledges (which I’m also going to request, in another thread).


That’s an interesting idea! Just out of curiosity, do you have an example goal in mind?

If the option were available, I’d consider using it for things I need to do every day, but where the cost (to me) of a single failure is low. Things like taking vitamins, getting to work on time, brushing my teeth, etc. Currently I have to create those with slack I don’t really want (like taking vitamins 6 times a week instead of 7) because the cost of derailing is just too high.


Ah makes sense. I have my flossing goal set to 6 per week for the same reason.

I think smaller pledges would be quite good if you were going to make heavy use of gtbee. Fifty tasks (or little habits) at $1 is $50 on the line if you don’t do what you said you would do today, which is plenty to take seriously. Having $250 on the line for the same set up seems too scary to even consider.