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Feature request: store safety buffer


I just have a python script that looks at my goals, and adds a datapoint to another goal that is the number of goals that are in emergency. It’s not really close to what you are asking for, but it’s the closest I know of.


Can I see it?


Unfortunately, I have some really rough deadlines coming up this month, and it isn’t really something I can easily share right now due to an API key being less hidden than it would need to be, so I can’t right now, but I can walk you through what it does.

When it’s activated, it looks at my emergency_days fineprint, and extracts out the “whitelist” of goals to ignore. Then it goes through all my goals, except the whitelist ones, and checks to see if any are in emergency. It then makes a datapoint, which has a value of the sum of the goals in emergency, and a comment which is a comma separated list of the goals in emergency. It checks to see the most recent datapoint of the emergency_days goal is for the same day, with the same value, and with the same comment. If any of those are different, it posts the datapoint.

I use max as my aggday for this, because I want to mold my life to have fewer emergencies. Some people don’t, and max would be a wrong aggday for them (or this whole integration would be bad for them).


No worries, I understand. If you get a chance and can s/key/xxx it at some point I would appreciate it.

How often does it activate?

Does it ever derail or is it information only?


I activate it hourly, on top of the regular zeno scheduler. I never use it for derailing, but its slope tells me a lot about my life and my workload and if I can take on more challenges.


What is Glitch?

#47 is a super fun way to write and run web… things.


Can it reliably run a python script every hour?