Feature Request: Color-ratchet

@dreev’s objection to the safety buffer idea, which I agree with, was:

But several other users have noted it’s really the colors that matter:

So I’m advocating for @Tarn’s suggestion here (but without the U in color please :us: :wink: ), because…

Why not both?

Let’s have a color-ratchet setting that would make the motivating colors appear earlier. That way, if you’ve saved a few days of buffer and want to keep the buffer instead of retro-ratcheting, you could color-ratchet so that orange → blue → green would correspond to 4 days → 5 days → 6 days, but beeminder would still be displaying the correct number of days and would remain brutally honest.

Also see:


The other option would be to add a couple of more colors. that way red always means due today. But purple, say, could mean over a week. Pink could be over a month.

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Well the easiest way to implement would be to make use of the “lead days” setting. That way there would not need to be any new settings - instead, you just base the colors on the lead days for the goal.

So for instance:

Default: Lead Days 4, Blue 2, Orange 1, Red 0

but if you change Lead Days to 6, everything else gets bumped up 2:

Lead Days 6, Blue 4, Orange 3, Red 2

But eventually there could be a detailed color configurer where you could specify which colors the goal would become at which days.

As seen in the quotes, people seem to respond strongly to red, so I think it’s important to allow red to be color-ratcheted.

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