Fetch data by making a GET request to a server

I have a few goals where I update by making a POST request to beeminder. I have setup a cron job to trigger it at certain intervals. But ideally I would want to expose a simple authenticated server which can be accessed by beeminder and will be updated on demand as well. This is the way most of the official integrations work. Is something like this possible?

In the data section of the goal settings, I can see the API option

But it doesn’t have any means to provide a URL to which it can make a GET request to fetch data.


This is on my wishlist, too.

A discussion from a few years back on this topic which you might find interesting:

You can do this by making an Oauthy application thing, right?

I’m planning to do something similar. I believe the relevant part of the docs is at Beeminder API Reference, section “6. Optional: Autofetch callback”.

That’s right! I wonder if that works without folks registering an application, just using the API. I made probably 5-10 integrations that do the autofetch, but I just registered a new application for each one.

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How can I create a IFTTT autodata integration. In that case, IFTTT will be making requests to my server?

Can you share a small example setup

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