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Finding the Goals that Matter

I have been using Beeminder for 8ish months. I have create a fair amount of goals and archived a fair amount. But recently I have been thinking how I need to decide what goals actually matter to me and how they relate to where I want to be as a person. So after some thought I have come up with the following three top prioritizes.

Health/Wellness: I almost put this is the second most important thing however I after a bit more thought I decided to put this at the top. As I feel this should be a top priority as if I want to live longer and be around for those I care about I need to focus on my health. Not only that but must manage my mental health as well (things such as meditation fall into this category). I will be adjusting my goals to fit this more (currently all my goals are kind of under one goal in a on going experiment: One Goal To Rule Them All - #7 by linux535). I plan on adding a calorey tracking goal and some fitness goals to help in this area.

Social/Family: If there is one thing 2020 taught me it is that life is precious and it should never be taken for granted. So I plan on creating at least a few goals around making sure I am spending time with family and friends. Though I will say that the No Social Media Goal has actually already improved this situation a lot.

Career/Academics: I feel it is important to focus on learning new skills to help further my academics and career. So this would be goals that focus on learning new things or completing tasks that I feel would be beneficial to me.

After these main concerns it more general goals such as say cleaning the room, taking trash out, doing dishes and etc. Though I would say some of these could have a positive effect of my mental health. Later today or tomorrow (With a week delay before they take affed) I will be adjusting my goals under my One Goal To Rule Them All to fit these priorities.