first try is free

Hi Akratics, I just sent this to our devel list and I thought I’d
solicit your opinion as well!

This is really bugging me how we make a big deal out of how “the first
try is free!” (and you don’t get charged until you derail the 2nd
time, etc etc, from ) but then when you actually
create a goal you have to deviate from the default flow (click a
little “skip this for now” link) to have that actually be true.

A user got super upset with us (compounded by us totally dropping the
ball on an email he sent to support) because of this today.

I really like the copy on so I’d rather change the wizard.

I propose that for your very first goal there’s no pledge tab in the
goal creation wizard.
You can still start a contract on your first goal by clicking the
"start a contract" link on your goal page after the goal is created.

PS: This relates to the limited number of pledgeless graphs thing, but
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