Fitbit: tracking specific activities only

Hi everybody!
I am wondering if anybody has tried anything that could work to this end. I did a quick search but did not find anything, sorry if I missed.
For many years, I have been manually beeminding, among other things, the number of instances I do a specific type of physical activity. E.g. a separate goal for yoga/stretching, another one for weights/strength exercises, and one more for runs and bike rides. Now I’ve got myself a Fitbit tracker, where I can track all these activities, choosing the specific type from the tracker.
I can see that there’s a way to beemind the number of activities in total for the day (with the in-built integration). But is there a way to filter, so that the goal would only get the data if it is the specific activity type that corresponds to this goal? I looked at IFTTT, seems like there’s nothing suitable for my purpose there, and Make (Integromat) doesn’t seem to have a Fitbit integration. Are there any other options I might be overlooking?


Yes please, similar to the Strava thing maybe?


This sounds like a worthy upgrade to our Fitbit integration, and @spencerrose is exactly right that we do already have this for Strava…


Yes please, I have been looking for this exact feature too.