folding@home Beeminder Team

Hey, guys, saw this video a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to make a Beeminder team on folding@home so we can help fight covid-19, just got around to it.

The team number is 256270, it’ll ask for the number when you install folding@home on your computer.

And here’s the video:


Yes, good idea! Folding makes especially sense for the US because there many households heat electrically anyway and electricity is cheap. I’ve been folding for World Community Grid for a long time now and couple days ago switched over to folding@home and joined the Linus Tech Tips team, because they gave me that idea :slight_smile: but now I guess I gotta switch to this one.

Also make sure you do supply them an e-mail in the signup, because that gives bonus points for the team! :slight_smile:

Slightly off-topic, but only slightly: There is two organisations that I discovered: and, both of which kind of pay you for participating in folding@home. I say kind of, because they don’t pay you in $ or some other tangible currency, but in a currency that I am not sure you can convert to real world money. Has anyone heard of them? I haven’t joined them (yet), but I’m thinking about it. For the time being I’m just donating my electricity and hardware to the greater good without any direct compensation, being it real or imaginary.

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I tried to view stats for the team at this URL:

It says “Team not found.” Wondering if this is because they are getting pounded, or if I’ve done something wrong… :thinking:

As a misanthrope I created a team as well. Just go to Join Team - PrimeNet and find “beeminder”.

F@H is mainly GPU, right? You can point your CPU cores to double checking. We’re 9 years behind the first time check wavefront!


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