Force myself to weight every day

Hi there!

I am back with my resolution. I am trying to again Beeminder to force myself following a diet and losing weight.

I set it up to 200 g a day

Yet, I have some issues to make it kinda strict:

  • Once I derailed, it gives me back 13 days of rest, even though I set it to 0 day. Basically, I might miss a day, but I want to keep the momentum
  • I also notice that, if I know I overate and expect to gain weight, I avoid the scale (withings for me) hoping to catch up before the akrasia. So I wonder how I can force myself to weight every 24h no matter what.

I might also want to force myself going to the gym (with a GPS point recorded for 30 min with IFTTT).

Instead of accumulating several goals, with several different pledge, isn’t there a way setup a multiple metric goal that I could call “Fitness” that would require me to finish all the following:

  • Running 1km
  • Weight in the scale every day
  • Loose 200g every day
  • Going to the gym 30 min every day
  • Maybe logging my food in MyFitnessPal according to my macro targets every day

You could maybe force yourself to record a weight every day with a Metaminding goal - that’s a common use case for these. The help article over here.

The derail is and getting 13 days of slack is a bit more difficult: when you derail, Beeminder will reset the bright red goal line a bit above the weight that derailed you. The amount above is the same as the “fluctuation buffer” you set up when you answered the “what is the most your weight can change in one day”? question during goal setup.

So if your flux was (say) 2kg, it would add 2kg to your derailing weight, and restart the red line there. You can always ratchet that away, if it’s more than you need.

Hopefully that gets you started in the right direction, at least!